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Our Leadership Development

Give you the opportunity to work with founder Michael one to one to help you grow into the exceptional leader that you are capable of.
Michael has worked regionally, nationally and internationally in both the private and public sectors with over 20 different types of business; from marketers to plumbers to business owners.
With a strong focus on long term high quality relationships and aiming at your highest possible successes, having him accompany you on your journey will be invaluable for your development.
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Our Training

Our training courses enable you to have the skills necessary for the world that is coming, which will be very unlike what has been before.
Our courses will empower you with skills in communication, people skills, relationships, leadership, values, change, management and vision. Delivered in a fun, informal and dynamic way, the ability to consistently learn and develop will open you up to incredible opportunities at work and in life.
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Our Book

Where would you go if you wanted to get your life together? If you want to not only be healthy but also be back to cope well with stress, as well as deeper issues of your purpose and the impact technology has in your life? Our first book will help you to to do this by looking at your life in a more wholistic way.
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Our Online Course

Our first online course provides you with an exceptional professional and personal development tool that you can access for life. The programme is set up to enable you to learn, reflect and take meaningful impactful action in your life to grow into the best version of yourself. It’s uniqueness is in how the material is covered will benefit both your professional and personal life greatly, by emphasising how they work together.
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Would you like someone to really be there for you and your business?

Are you looking to:

  • Develop your leaders?
  • Develop your team?
  • Develop yourself?

I would love to help you and your people to fulfil your potential and achieve the results that you deserve – and if you’re a lifelong learner, you’re a perfect fit for us!

Would you like to find out how Michael and Kataholos can help develop your leaders, your teams and you?