In our Leadership Development Sessions you will work one to one, personally with Michael online.

Addressing the Pain Points

We seek to address the pain points of our one to one clients, or their leaders, managers, business owners or people in positions of authority.

Often the types of leaders we help may:

  • be time poor
  • be stressed out
  • have problems seeing the future well and having a vision
  • have problems in terms of managing staff and not able to deal with certain people effectively
  • have some health / mental health issues that are affecting their performance.

Our solutions – 7 Areas

The solution we offer covers seven of the most important areas:

Mindset, Motivation, Communication skills, Professional skills, Leadership development, Thinking skills, Health and well-being.

A Tailored Approach

Every single session is tailored unique to the person and their individual needs. So that the solutions that the people can experience and enjoy, come from them feeling empowered to go and apply the solutions in their life. We don’t give quick fixes. We help people to understand ways forward to make exponential positive changes.

The Benefits

The benefits that clients enjoy from these one to one sessions, as well as being incredibly enjoyable is that they will:

  • feel positive
  • feel energised
  • they will feel understood
  • they feel valued, they feel listened to
  • they know someone cares
  • they know where their weaknesses and areas for development are
  • they have a plan in place for how to improve
  • and they understand the potential and the future. gains that can be made through applying what they learn in the sessions.

Session Format

The format is very simple. sessions are between an hour and an hour and a half online.

The first half is on the person, their physical health, their mental health, their well-being.

The second half will be on their professional skills, and any problems they have in their role.

By working on the two together, we use a holistic approach, which is what our clients love about us, to help them to take themselves forward in their roles and in their lives.

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