The award winning Russell Bedford International currently have 700 partners with 7500 staff in 350 offices in 100 countries.

I am so pleased to announce that our Kataholos Online Health and Wellbeing Course is now being accessed and enjoyed by Russell Bedford International members all around the world!

And how it all came to be so is an interesting little story…

We are off to the Mediterranean

I first got to experience working with the Russell Bedford International team when delivering a leadership session at their Managers and Young Partners Conference in Malta in November 2019. One of the benefits of being a member of their established accountant networking firm, is that members get to enjoy attending annual conferences held all around the globe, with their most recent before Malta in the Mediterranean being in Sydney in Australia.

And it was at this conference where I first met the CEO of RBI Stephen Hamlet. I was immediately struck by his people skills and how much he took an interest and a care in the experiences of RBI members from India, to Belgium, Spain to Bulgaria. As I watched him and took part in conversations I thought, “these people really care about their people.” This care and concern in nourishing relationship is such a key- sometimes overlooked aspect- of providing value in the business world.

Blogging buddies

Myself and Stephen are both keen bloggers, and whilst in a particularly fruitful period of publishing 8 blogs in 8 weeks, I noticed that Stephen had been enjoying them. With mutual shared interests in leadership, music, offering value, people skills and the deeper aspects of management and leadership, we decided to have a catch up on zoom. It was on this call that I learned of RBI’s consistant efforts to actively continue to provide value for their members at this challenging time for global businesses. It was here that I thought the Kataholos Online Health and Wellbeing Course could be a great fit to help with the mental health, inspiration, motivation and wellbeing of RBI members such as those whom I met in Malta.

A worldwide reach

Fast forward a couple of months and Russell Bedford International have now successfully launched an extensive training and development programme for their global members in 100 countries all over the world. I am very proud that they have included the Kataholos Online Health and Wellbeing Course in what is available to their members, as we aim to empower what we call our world family and RBI seek to continue on their mission of taking you further.

In the first week since the training programme was launched our course has now been accessed and enjoyed by RBI members in England, Ireland, Georgia, America, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia.

And we are so very proud that our products have begun to have an impact on the global stage that they were designed for…

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