Part 2 Wonder

Do you ever just sit and think, wow, life is an incredible, crazy, powerful, beautiful, terrible yet precious thing?Having an element of wonder in your life is an incredibly powerful way to keep your ongoing experience of life as fresh, fascinating and deep as possible.
Here are three ways you can make wonder a part of your life today.

Everyday wonder

Have a look around where you are, right now. Look at the colours, the shapes, pay attention to the edges of things. Look at what is smooth, what is rough, feel textures, listen for sounds. You can bring this sense of wonderful and profound exploration towards anything. Let’s use some examples.

Try going out today for a walk and finding a tree and just stop and have a good look at it in wonder. Trees are always giving the gift of life to the world through oxygen. They change colours and sleep in the winter, they stand strong and yet bend and move with extreme weather conditions. They outwardly compete for sunlight on the surface, yet share nourishment and vitamins with each other through their roots in the deep dark beneath the surface.

Have a look at the palm of your hand. Really look at it. Have you ever noticed how many lines there are? All the different patterns? Did you know that your skin is a semi-permeable membrane- so you are actually getting a slight glimpse into what you look like on the inside? Try flexing your hand, making a fist, rotating your wrist, seeing all the different shapes you can make. Consider all the different objects that your hand has touched, places it has been, things it has created, people it has hurt and comforted. Our hands, which we use everyday, can be profound tools of wonder, if we just take the time to truly see and consider them.

Self reflection-making time for wonder

Try once a week looking through the photos in your phones, or any notes you have made that week. And just be in wonder of all that has happened to you that week: the people, the places, the beautiful, the terrible, the surprising, the new, the exciting, the painful. And take a moment to see that there is so much in your life, where there could be nothing at all. There are people who love you, and yet there might not have been. There have been moments when you laughed, and smiled and were happy, and you were not entitled to them, but they happened freely. There were new, surprising and different things; life is continually evolving and offering you new opportunities, every single day.

Your life cold be cold, and dark and alone. And it is not. It is fully of people, colours, textures, opportunities, joys, pains, feelings, experiences, special moments. And you never had to pay any money for your life or ask to be born. You were just given it all completely freely. Take a minute to truly thing about your life like that- it could completely change your perspective on it.

Keep learning to experience wonder

Learning new skills, trying out new things and having new experiences are all fantastic ways to keep your experience of life fresh and exciting. It can be easy to get stuck in arut, through routines and habits and to become bored. Then you may begin thinking that life is less a wonderful adventure and more just the same things each day, with a bit of novelty.
I have found that the more that you learn, the more you become aware of what is going on in life and what it is continually offering you. There is actually so much, it is impossible to get your head around! If you doubt this, try googling how many stars there are in the universe, how big it is and the amount of people in just our one world at the moment!

So our boredom, sometimes depression, and sense of lifelessness can come from us shutting ourselves off from life, often as a way of protecting ourselves. Whilst this can be useful in the short term, and even necessary, being brave and opening back up to life will ensure that you get to experience it to its full.

When you learn something new, you realise how much you actually do not know, or ever will, how much there is to life and how small a part of it you are. Some people can find that scary, but try thinking of it like this. It is much better to be a tiny part in a huge, rich, diverse and exhilarating world, than being the main person in a tiny, small, predictable world where there’s only so much to do and to learn and to be and everyone is the same as you. The gorgeousness of life lies in its diversity and its challenge, in our differences and ability to adapt to become the best version of ourselves. The surging river of evolution flowing throughout life compels us forwards, to join in, to adapt, to learn to swim and to enjoy the water. Just think of it like swimming in the sea- anyone who has swam in the ocean will tell you how exhilarating an experience it is!

Final thoughts

Once, I felt old and worn out. I felt bored by life, knocked by its devastating events and very low. I was told that the light had “gone out of my eyes.” And I remember once looking up at the stars at night and having a thought that changed how I viewed my life forever. Not matter how old we are, or how long we live, we will never be as old as those beautiful stars, who continue to give heat and light for billions of years. And so, in comparison to them, we will always be young, fresh, vital- we will never be old. That wonderful thought has helped me when I have struggled since and I hope it helps you too.

You will always be a child of this universe- loved, young, full of energy, wide eyed and capable of anything.

Love and best wishes,

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