Here you will find a range of free resources to assist with your business and personal development.

Wellbeing Questionnaire ThumbnailWellbeing Questionnaire

Use this to take a measure of your personal well being.
Wellbeing_questionnaire (PDF)


Weekly Mood Chart
Fill in this mood chart for the week, to track your emotional and stress levels, find where you are best and where you might
be experiencing difficulties. Numbers are suggested, or you might like to use colours or symbols that are meaningful to you.
Weekly_Mood_Chart (PDF)


Support Team
Use this form to record your personal and professional support network
My_Support_Team (PDF)



Kataholos Learning Tool

Fill in the Four Question boxes to guide you when learning something new

Kataholos Learning Tool (PDF)


The Box

A powerful mental health tool

The Box (PDF)


The Three Pens

A powerful way to track your pain

The Three Pens (PDF)