Working with Michael has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Being in business isn’t easy and having the ability to talk things through with someone who can provide a different perspective and shape the way you approach certain situations is invaluable. In addition, having Michael on hand to work directly with our team is a real benefit and provides a high level of support for everyone at AKORN. Michael’s wealth of knowledge on a vast array of topics from leadership and management to dealing with stress and having difficult conversations with clients/staff is outstanding, but what makes working with Michael so enjoyable and productive is that he’s just an all round good guy who’s family centered and genuinely cares about his clients. He’s always ready to listen, offer support and have a laugh. He’s also not short of a good quote or analogy (or two). Thanks Mike. We’re playing the long game! ?

Angelo Kornecki
Director, AKORN Financial Advice Ltd

Michael is one in a million! As a business owner he has allowed me to uncover my true values and a belief set I am proud of. Michael has provided me accountability to myself teaching me skills to reach up and out growing my business in a healthy and credible manner. I have more time and a balance in my work and family life which i know is a work in progress but I have come so far in such a short time. Michaels values and beliefs are his driving force in everything he does Any business or individual will be lucky to have his support and practical skills. I’m so excited to see how many doors I can now open for others! Thank you Michael

Abigail Capstick
Manager, Yorkshare

Michael plugs into key elements to help with mindset, personal development and in turn, your business strategy growth. For example, in our first speed reading session I improved from 280 to 510 words per minute in 15 minutes. Michael is an integral part of my business growth strategy.

Jan Evans at Jets GPS
Jan Evans
Director, Jest GPS

Michael’s warmth and considered approach, with concise ‘easy to follow’ guidance is exactly the type of support that we all need at this time. I’m delighted to be able to bring this opportunity to our members around the world and help individuals within our firms invest in themselves.

Stephen Hamlet
CEO, Russell Bedford International

I attended an online presentation given by Michael on Mental Health for Business and found it highly enjoyable and informative. He gave some excellent tips and advice on how to be the best asset for your business by taking care of yourself mentally, with techniques on motivation, dealing with problems and anxiety, and how to cultivate positive emotions. I will definitely try these out and would recommend Michael’s services!

Sarah Cutts
Sarah Cutts Translation

Huge thanks to Michael for running an online Mental Health for Business session for us as part of our lovelocalexpo Bitesize Business Masterclass series. Michael shared some awesome insights which will help us as individuals and help with our teams at work too. We had some great questions from our online audience and a real buzz about making changes as a result of the session. My top three takeaways were: 1) If you had an amazing asset which could make money and develop your business you’d look after it and nurture it wouldn’t you – your best asset is you! Make sure you look after yourself 2) Which positive feelings would you like in your life? List them, then do and say things that will make you feel like that. eg. Want to feel happy? Put your favourite music on and dance around the kitchen! 3) Your best thinking is not done when you’re stressed and worried, if you can’t think of a solution just acknowledge that, and go and do something else. Free up your mind and the solutions will follow. Thanks again Michael, invaluable stuff and much to read up and work on.

Rachel Kay
Expo Organiser, FSB

What can I say about Michael!! He is one of the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His dedication and support for everyone he comes into contact with is incredible and anyone who meets Michael will know that he is a breath of fresh air and joy to be around. Michael has an energy about him that I am yet to see in other person which makes him completely unique in the most fantastic way. I would recommend that everyone takes the time to have a meeting with Michael, I promise you won’t regret it!

Evie Skentelbery
Fresh Perspective Resourcing Ltd

What can I say? Michael is such an enthusiastic and engaging character. He is wonderful at putting people at ease and making people feel welcome. His workshops are thought provoking and fun which stimulates people to create change both in their personal and business life.

Laura E Leyland
Fresh Perspective Resourcing Ltd

Enjoyed a fabulous learning session with Michael recently. Michael is a truly engaging and inspiring person – which always makes time spent with him very enjoyable and an amazing learning experience. He’s full of ideas, wisdom and energy, with amazing tools and wizardry to help you in life and business. If you get the chance to meet him, take it!

Nick Roach
Innovator International

Fantastic and engaging morning! I would highly recommend Michael has he was very enthusiastic and really made learning fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks Michael.

Jennie Thornton
Hair and Beauty by Jennie

Michael’s enthusiasm and attitude is infectious, he is a passionate lifelong learner and genuinely cares about helping other people. We worked together on an online course where he was our presenter and instructor, he was an absolute pro! we sent him the script the night before and he reeled off take after take without a teleprompter, very natural and engaging. I also know Michael as an educator and trainer, he is results driven and meticulous in his planning and delivery. I highly recommend Michael for public speaking, presenting, coaching and training.

Frazer McAlister
Thirsty Scholars Partnership

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