Russell Bedford International specialise in helping companies meet the challenges that international business expansion presents. Since 1983, their worldwide network of accountancy firms has provided financial expertise and business consultancy to companies within many different markets and industries.


Micheal Quigley

Founder & CEO of Kataholos

We grow people to know to do and to
be their best through our leadership, training and products to create incredible work opportunities and life satisfaction.

Preparing the groundwork

Initial meeting

Kataholos were introduced to Russell Bedford International as a recommended referral from a mutual friend.

The initial project was to deliver a full day leadership workshop for 25 attendees from several different countries and continents at their Managers and Young Partners Conference in Malta in 2019.

They wanted exceptional leadership training delivered for their members from around the world. Their expectations for delivery were high as this was a very important annual event.

Michael brought over 10 years of teaching and training experience and delivered a bespoke session, created specifically for their audience of young accountant and business professional managers and partners on communication and relationship skills.

After delivering this session, Michael and Stephen met online to discuss how Kataholos could help Russell Bedford over a period of 12 months, specifically, to help support and develop their members during the Covid pandemic.

Their words

Nurturing attitude

CEO – Stephen Hamlet

Russell Bedford International

We were first introduced to Kataholos when Michael Quigley presented at Russell Bedford’s Young Professionals meeting in Malta, end of 2019. Michael was warmly received, sharing his experiences and knowledge of health and well-being with our younger generations.

We then developed a fantastic relationship throughout 2020, when life became so much different and people development, in particular looking after our people and helping them look after themselves, became vital.

I’ve always said that any professional services firm must firstly look after its people; otherwise they have nobody to look after their clients.

Michael’s online course is now available to all our members throughout 100+ countries as part of Russell Bedford’s Professional Development programme.

We are delighted to have established such a relationship with Kataholos. Michael’s approach works so well because he truly cares; and has a great way of expressing and delivering his experience and advice to all people, at all levels and from all generations. 

members have especially benefitted from being given tangible skills such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-reflection and how to make good choices as well as having experienced boosts in morale, hope and a sense of belonging – which have been essential over the past 2 years.  



16 bespoke one hour online training sessions have now been delivered to Russell Bedford members in over a 2.5 year period.

• Attended by hundreds of members from the 7 worldwide continents.

All 8000 members in 100+ now have access to the Kataholos online learning platform with e-learning courses in stress, mental and wholistic health and communications skills. 

Russell Bedford members in 2022 now have access to the Kataholos Online Platform 24/7, as an ongoing digital continuing professional development CPD resource. As well as 3 bespoke 90 minute online training sessions with Michael throughout 2022 the topics of which have been chosen by the CEO Stephen Hamlet.

Russell Bedford has now joined the Global Chamber, after an introduction from Michael, which gives them access to thousands of members in 190 countries, to help them to achieve their North America growth goals in 2022.

Kataholos have allowed Russell Bedford International to roll with the changes of Covid and adapt family, work balance and lifestyle. The material and resources are very timely, the tools and resources are simple as it allows them to be actionable for members.


Harvesting the results

Kataholos and Russell Bedford have been on an exponential growth journey together over the past two and a half years. From delivering an initial leadership workshop, to now providing hugely valued ongoing online CPD resources and training resources.

The symbiotic growth of both companies based
on shared values such as integrity – has allowed
both companies to flourish in building relation-ships, a strong friendship between the two CEOS, and benefitted thousands of members, in 7 continents, both professionally and personally.


Replanting the seed

Michael is now working with Russell Bedford member Cooney Carey, an accountants based in Dublin, from the success of his previous work He supplied a one-off online training session on motivation, and is now currently delivering 12 monthly online training sessions on a variety of topics from problems solving skills to mental health.

Michael is now also working with Russell Bedford member DJH Mitten Clark, an accountancy based in Stoke and Manchester. He is the leader trainer on an 8-month management programme, Ambition Academy, delivering 4 full day face to face training sessions on success, motivation, communication skills and inter-personal skills.

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