Stress management – 3 sources of stress and 3 strategies to manage stress well

Is it possible to not only accept and live with stress, but also be able to manage the stress in...
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Being a RARE leader: 4 lesser known leadership skills to cultivate to help your people to grow

Why we need good leaders We need good leaders. We need you. Our world is capable of being a wonderful,...
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Want to be a great leader? Learn how to become a great follower

If you are in a leadership position, something that you may not have considered before is just how important it...
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How patience can empower you in our hurry up and wait covid culture

In this blog I would like to do 3 things to help you: Part 1 Explore what patience is and...
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How to build trusting relationships

How to build trusting relationships As humans, we all need to belong. And creating trusting relationships will allow us to...
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How to use self-reflection to help your business

Self-reflection can help you to understand where you are and how you really are doing What can you do to...
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Plan, Do, Review

How proper planning, rest and recovery can take your performance to the next level Part 1 - Planning The “Do...
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How can you handle the pain in your life?

This blog is to help you with the pain in your life. Both pain and suffering are related and can...
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It’s who you are that matters 

who you are matters so much If you are a leader, a manager, a business owner, a teacher, a parent,...
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How to know your values, create a vision and nourish it for success

Welcome to this second blog that aims to help you to make the most of this year! You can read...
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How to cultivate a vision to lead this year and beyond

Vision is exciting. Vision gets you out of bed in the morning, vision brings vitality into your life! If assets...
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