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Our Mission Statement

Growing people to know, to do and to be their best selves through a journey of integrity, wholesome relationships and loving kindness

Our Approach

Our Kataholos approach empowers you to achieve this through a combination of 121 leadership sessions, training and fun bespoke solutions in these areas:




Professional Skills

Leadership Development

Thinking Skills

Health & Wellbeing

If you are a Business Leader who wants to grow your leadership, your teams and your own abilities, then Kataholos are for you!

Operating Globally

Did you know we operate globally and are members of the Global Chamber?

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Just some of our wonderful clients...

Who is Michael Quigley BA (Hons) 1st class, MA, PGCE and how can I help you?

Hi, I’m Michael!

I’ve worked for over 10 years in both the public sector as a teacher and the private sector as a business owner, author, trainer and keynote speaker. My passion is helping you to achieve your potential as a leader.

I love being the person who is there for you, who has your back, who gives you the encouragement, the tools, the opportunities and the belief to empower and enable you to become the leader, have the team and enjoy the success that you know deep down that you are capable of.

If your main value is integrity and you feel the call towards becoming your best self but are a bit unsure as to how to best approach this, I would love to show you what has worked for my Business Leader clients from Plumbers to Marketers, International Network Presidents to Solicitors, Teachers and Doctors.

So, if you are a lifelong learner who is ready for the next stage in their development, it would be my pleasure to accompany you in your leadership growth journey to create incredible opportunities and life satisfaction for you.

Michael Quigley Director of Kataholos

Director at Kataholos

Client Testimonials



Would you like someone to really be there for you and your business?

Are you looking to:

  • Develop your leaders?
  • Develop your team?
  • Develop yourself?

I would love to help you and your people to fulfil your potential and achieve the results that you deserve – and if you’re a lifelong learner, you’re a perfect fit for us!

Would you like to find out how Michael and Kataholos can help develop your leaders, your teams and you?